Computer Science

Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science started functioning in 2001. It offers two under-graduate programmes BSc Computer Applications (Triple Main: Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics) and BCA (Mobile Applications & Cloud Technology) started in 2001 & 2016 respectively and an integrated post-graduate programme, Integrated M.Sc Computer Science (Data Science) (5 year) started in 2020.

The Department moulds young outstanding professionals who are academically strong and competent enough to achieve their dreams. Special orientation is provided to the staff periodically for updating the latest technological changes. Students of the department have the unique opportunity of working in various development environments including Windows and Linux.

The Department offers high-quality  teaching in the major areas of Computer Science. BSc CA and BCA are flexible programmes that permitting a student to develop strengths in selected areas within Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Mobile Applications, and Cloud Technology. 


To equip students with a deep passion for wisdom, culture, values and technical skills.


To inculcate students with strong moral ethical values, interpersonal skills, professional behaviour, innovative research and leadership capabilities.


Abu Dhabi


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